Behind-the-scenes: Mowed Over

Here's a fun little backstory on Lilah's book:

I originally wrote Lilah's story before switching to Stripped Down because Olive was screaming to be written down and the emotional development I needed from Lilah made so much more sense after she watched her sister fall in love. Once I published Olive's book I figured I could just jump back to Lilah and do some quick edits, speeding my way to an early summer release.

FALSE! Once I got back into it, I realized nothing fit. Lilah had morphed into a completely new person while I wrote Olive's book. She had grown stronger, fiercely loyal, and honestly, just more real. I also realized that my book needed a plot. Shocking, right? I had 65,000 words and half of them were dirty talk. Not that there's anything wrong with that! But I wanted more for Lilah.

Don't worry, there's still plenty of dirty talk in Mowed Over! But I'm also really happy with the hero I've created for Lilah. He's fearless, cocky, funny, and protective. A man that does the wrong things for the right reasons and always looks out for the people he loves. Most importantly, he totally looks like Henry Cavill.

I joke, but I genuinely love these characters and I cannot wait to share them with you.

Mowed Over is up for pre-order now! Click here to order your copy now! It goes live on August 28th.

Scroll down for a first look at the sexy-as-hell cover I just finalized and stay tuned for more updates.




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