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I’ve always loved romance. It doesn't matter if I'm reading, writing, or watching it as long as I get my fix. As a teenager, I used to smuggle Harlequin romance books under my bed and fill composition notebooks with some terrifically dirty stories. My passion for a happy ending *wink wink* has never changed. 

I write steamy contemporary romances with lots of humor, low angst, and just a sprinkle of kink. I pride myself on my dirty-talking heroes, ridiculous meet-cutes, and solid banter. I love big, possessive men with marshmallowy insides and mouthy, relatable heroines.


Stripped Down

Available in the Kindle Store and Kindle Unlimited

Sonoma Series - Book 1


Contractor.  Loner.  Stripper?  Not usually, but I'll do anything to get the Bachelorette party in the room next door to settle down.  All I want is a good nights sleep so I can focus on work.  I never expected my entire world to shift when she opens the hotel door with her wide green eyes and sweet vanilla scent.  

She's just in town for the party, there's no way I can have her.  I certainly shouldn't have pinned her against the wall and kissed her on my way out.  After all, it's not like I'll ever see her again, right?


Baking is my thing.  Running a successful, expanding business is my thing.  Bachelorette parties are not.  Surprise strippers even less so.  But I'm pretty sure this guy isn't really a stripper and if he is, he's pretty bad at it.

On the other hand, he's very very good at kissing.  I'll never see him again but at least I'll have something to fantasize about when I'm baking muffins tomorrow morning. 


Mowed Over

Available in the Kindle Store and Kindle Unlimited!

Sonoma Series - Book 2


      I don’t ask for much. I’d like a job where my boss isn’t a total douche bag. I’d like to sleep in past 8 am on my day off. Mostly, I would love my new next-door neighbor to keep his sexy dimples and cocky smiles to himself.

     He may look like pure southern temptation, but he seems determined to irritate me as often as possible. Keeping him at arm’s length should be a piece of cake, right? But how am I supposed to do that when he might be the only one who can help me figure out


     Lilah Donovan is pure walking sin. The more time I spend with her, the harder I fall. She’s an adorable, feisty, half-pint of everything I never knew I wanted. She may have built the Great Wall of China around her heart, but I’m not averse to climbing if that’s what it takes to find a way in.

    Getting through to her is an exercise in patience, but it’s not the only thing testing me. Something shady is going on around Lilah but I am uniquely qualified to end it, and there are no lengths I wouldn’t go to when it comes to protecting my girl.

Revved Up Final Cover.jpg

Revved Up

Available for pre-order now!

Sonoma Series - Book 3
Available December 3rd, 2020


        Four months ago, I made the first spontaneous decision of my life and ran away to California. New home, new job, and a brand-new spontaneous Parker. Becoming New Parker would be a lot easier if I wasn’t flat broke and living in a shack. But I have my friends, a little bookstore full of romance novels, and the freedom I’ve always desperately wanted. 

        I was perfectly happy with my shelves of book boyfriends until Lukas Donovan walked into my shop. The black sheep of the family, with his bottle-green eyes, stubbly beard, and those tree-trunk thighs… my romance novel men might never cut it again. I just wish he wasn’t such a dick. 


        Everyone knows I’m the good-time guy. I’m the man you date when you want to piss off your daddy and the guy you sleep with to make your ex jealous. I’m not long term. 

        Parker Thompson is long term. Preacher’s daughter and my sister’s best friend, she’s one hundred percent off-limits and a bad idea no matter how you look at it. That doesn’t stop me from wanting her so badly it makes me ache. I know I should push her away… but how the hell am I supposed to do that when I can’t stand the idea of another man touching her. Or looking at her. Or really even breathing near her. 


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